EP96 Marcia talks with growth expert Mal McCallion of Growtion about the 3 key areas that are needed to grow any business.  His Growtion Formula may look like a periodic table but it's really about the building blocks to any business Product, Marketing, & Sales.

Mal can be reached at www.Growtion.co & he has a scorecard to help small business at www.Growtion.com/scorecard


Marcia can be reached at www.TrajectoryBiz.com & she is hosting an a Free webinar where she'll share her 3 strategies to Thriving Profit.  Register at www.ThrivingProfit.com

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Marcia talks with Productivity Expert Valerie Recore of Home Most Simple about how to create a work-life balance while gaining more productivity even in challenging times.

Valerie can be reached at www.HomeMostSimple.com & she has a great way to avoid procrastination with her tips at https://bit.ly/39yZp2h


Marcia can be reached at www.TrajectoryBiz.com & she has 6 tips to survive & thrive in any environment at www.FAILProofBiz.com

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Have you ever been upset because someone didn't live up to your expectations? Sure you have!

Marcia talks with Expectations Expert Ben Winter.  He has created an entire business about learning the skills to manage them so that you no longer get upset. By learning how you respond can help you improve relationships both personal & business.

Ben has a great infographic that helps you navigate your response that should be posted everywhere: www.HavingExpectations.com *********

Marcia has 6 great tips to help you survive & thrive in any environment at www.FAILProofBiz.com

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Marcia talks with marketing expert Monique Idemudia of Dragon Digital Marketing about why your buyer's persona is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.

Monique has a Free Buyer's Persona Worksheet to help you dial-in yours. www.Dragon-Digital-Marketing.com


Marcia has 6 tips to survive & thrive in any environment @ www.FAILProofBiz.com 

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Marcia talks with Profit Master Ruth King about how to look at your profitability by the numbers and not percentages.  Also, how to use your financial statements to read the health of your business.
Ruth has 5 books and a special report on how to read your business quickly. https://aa4c8p1a.pages.infusionsoft.net/ 
Get Marcia's 6 Tips on how to survive & thrive at www.FAILProofBiz.com
& www.TrajectoryBiz.com 

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Marcia talks with Email Deliverability expert Ed Forteau about sending emails successfully. Just because you hit send does NOT mean they get it. Learn the hidden reasons your emails are not making it to your recipient. Email communications & marketing are vital to your profit. Set yourself up for success. Ed can be reached at EmailOpenRateOptimization.com
Grab Ed's Free 27 pt checklist @ EmailOpenRateOptimization.com/Marcia
Marcia can be reached at www.TrajectoryBiz.com
Grab Marcia's 6 Tips to Survive & Thrive @ www.FAILProofBiz.com

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Marcia talks with Angel Investor Sydney Wong of VenturX about how to raise capital to grow your business.  She explains the types of funding and how to prepare for improved chances of success.  Sydney has been helping small businesses to secure funding internationally for years.

You can find Sydney @ www.VenturX.ca or find her @Sydney.Wong on LinkedIn.  She has given us her application workbook for free at  https://venturx-team.medium.com/what-to-include-in-an-investment-package-b6287630183f


You can find Marcia @ www.TrajectoryBiz.com or @MarciaRiner on social.  She has her 6 Tips to Survive & Thrive at www.FAILProofBiz.com 


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Marcia talks with executive leadership coach, Bing Oliver of Peake Coaching about his strategy that creates more time for us overworked business owners. It sounds totally crazy, but Bing says if you take time off, you'll be more productive in your business life as well as your personal life.

Check out Bing's weekly reflection worksheet at www.PeakeCoaching.com


Marcia has 6 tips that will help you not just survive but thrive. Pick them up at www.FAILProofBiz.com. Marcia's website is www.TrajectoryBiz.com.  Please subscribe & don't forget to comment below!

Marcia talks with goal setting expert Ryan Bennett of The Intentional Day about how only 8% of our goals succeed because we don't train our mind to intentionally do what is necessary. Ryan's work has given us some easy tools to do daily that will help us reach our goals every time.

Ryan can be reached at https://www.theintentionalday.com  or on his IG @Ryan.Intentionalday *******************

Marcia can be reached at https://www.TrajectoryBiz.com  or pick up her 6 Tips to help you survive & thrive in any environment @ https://www.FAILProofbiz.com 

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EP87. Marcia talks with an amazon expert Stephen Somers of Marketplace SuperHeros. Through his success as an Amazon superseller and then as a sales coach, he learned the scaling skills to move his business beyond 8 figures by creating an ecosystem that solved his customer's biggest needs. Stephen's Amazon coaching can be reached at https://www.MarketplaceSuperHeros.com  and he is sharing his scaling ideas at https://www.StephenSomers.com


Marcia has 6 Tips that will help your business thrive in any environment. Get them at https://www.FAILProofBiz.com .

She can be found at https://www.TrajectoryBiz.com 

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