Marcia speaks with Brenden Kumarasamy founder of MasterTalk about how we communicate from client to stage. Because we never properly were supported in our presentation skills, he gives us a few simple tips to turn fear into success.

You can find more about Brenden on his YouTube channel 'MasterTalk'


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Marcia talks with LEAN Expert Andrea Uvanni with The Moirae Group about ways business owners can update their processes to improve efficiency which can lead to higher profits. Time is money! Andrea can be reached at

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Marcia can be reached at

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Marcia talks with international speaker, author, coach & creator of The BUCKETLIST Guy, Trav Bell. Trav has scaled his 2nd business to big success with over 22 licensed coaches internationally sharing his brand. Trav's mission is to change the stigma associated with Life Coaching to give them a tangible product to drive your life plan to include your business plan. Trav's fun outlook on business is just what all entrepreneurs need to hear.

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Marcia talks with Chief Storyteller & Marketing Expert Kyle Porter of GuidePost Marketing about how to talk with prospects about your business. So many business owners suck at this! Owners carry-on about how great they are while missing out on the customer's favorite channel WIIFM. Kyle shares so really good tips that the business owner should follow to perk the ears of their ideal customers.

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Marcia talks with strategic operations analyst Roy Barker about how to retain good employees especially in a time. Roy explains that there are many ways beyond money to motivate & appreciate your employees. Roy can be found at


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She explains that now more than ever small business owners need to update their plans to create bigger profits & thrive coming out of this crazy 2020 year. She has a 6-Days Fast Action BIG Profit Strategy Sprint. Register at 

Marcia talks with marketing expert Elizabeth Pampalone about how to make a year's worth of marketing in just 5 days.

Elizabeth explains that you must update your branding first.  By updating she means that you need to do the hard work of figuring out your message, your ideal customer etc.  Once this is done the rest falls in place.  She's talking your website, email campaigns, your social media & blogging in just 5 days!  You just set a deadline & get it done!

Elizabeth can be reached at while your their join her community.


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October 13, 2020

EP77 Summit Announcement

Marcia has been talking to profit building experts for a while . Now she has pulled together 20 experts to share their best strategy to help make 2020 profitable & kick start 2021. Experts talking about strategies to help your:

Financials, Organization, Product, Marketing & Growth

There will also be a bunch of profit building downloads to help you put these ideas in place tomorrow!

Join her virtually on October 19-21, 2020 for the BIG Profit Strategy Summit! **FREE** Register at

Marcia talks with coach & speaker Jason Osborn about how to Re-Think your business. Jason explains that too many businesses are not differentiating themselves in a highly commoditized business environment. Jason who is a coach at Re-Think Academy thinks we have to describe ourselves to our ideal & enjoyable client using the 3 steps: Who we work with, what is the tangible outcome they'll receive & the method we use. This will bring self-selected customers rushing our doors. Jason is giving us the first 4 chapters of RE-Think Social Media book @ . Jason can be reached on LinkedIn @ Jason A Osborn **************************

Marcia is hosting the BIG Profit Strategy Summit on October 19-21, 2020 with 20 Profit-Building Experts sharing their best strategy to help make 2020 profitable. Get your FREE Tickets at   Marcia can be reached socially @MarciaRiner

Marcia talks with Coach, Author & Speaker Caterina Rando about ways to create insta-clients. Caterina says the best way to create insta-clients is to have regular or monthly events where you are showcasing information about what you do & how they can work with you. No more casual coffee dates or 1:1 meetings, you are inviting your ideal client to a small event with you where you are talking to many at the same time. If they can't make or miss this month, there is always another they can attend. This is a sure fire way to fill your pipeline! Caterina can be found on Social @ Caterina Rando or Attend her  Where she'll teach you how to speak more often. *********************

Join her FREE PROFIT-BUILDING SUMMIT with 20 Speakers!

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Marcia talks with International Coaching Expert Dr Agustin Rosa Marin about how coaching has improved so many small businesses. Dr Agustin can be reached on social @ DrAgustin Rosa & @ Agustin-Coach. or at his website


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